According to estimates IDC, the server market in the fourth quarter of 2016 decreased by 4.6%

Experts of the analytical company IDC has summed up the results of the last quarter of 2016 at the server market. According to their calculations, the market declined relative to the fourth quarter of 2015, 4.6%, amounting in monetary terms to 14.6 billion dollars. In quantitative terms, shipments decreased by 3.5%, amounting to 2.55 million units. Analysts attribute the decline by slowing the growth of large data centers and peak of the cycle of renewal of equipment, which peaked in 2015.

The strongest reduction was evident in the upper segment, amounting to 10.7 per cent. For the quarter, the specified segment is estimated at USD 2.0 billion. Analysts predict that it will continue to decline. In the middle segment, estimated at $ 1.4 billion, a decline of 6.1%. Finally, the mass segment, sales of which amounted to 11.2 billion dollars for the year decreased by 3.3%.

The largest market participant is the HPE. For the quarter she has sold servers to 3,454 billion dollars, which is corresponding to 23.6% of the market. Note that a year ago the company’s share was equal to 25.7%.

Second place with 2,578 billion dollars is the company Dell. Its share increased from 16.8% to 17.6%.

Third place belongs to IBM. During the reporting period, IBM was able to sell servers to 1,792 billion. The share of the company for the year decreased from 14.1% to 12.3%.

Lenovo and Cisco, the IDC was placed on the fourth place, as their performance is very close and the difference may be less than the error of the calculations. During the quarter, Lenovo sold servers to 947 million dollars, Cisco is the to 916 million dollars. These figures correspond to 6.5% and 6.3% respectively. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the share of Lenovo was equal to 7.4%, the share of Cisco is 6.1%.

Source: IDC



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