According to estimates IDC, the PC market for the year decreased by 0.5%

IDC analysts prepared a report that summarized the data for the third quarter of 2017, the market of «traditional PCs». In this category the IDC include desktop PCs, laptops and workstations, but does not include tablets and x86-compatible servers.

If you believe the report, for the year this market declined by 0.5%, better than the expected contraction of 1.4%. According to analysts, this indicates a stabilization of the market. The decrease was partly offset by demand growth in connection with the beginning of the school year.

A list of leading PC manufacturers according to IDC, HP leads, for a quarter of those shipped 15,295 million personal computers, which corresponds to 22.8% of the market. In the third quarter of last year, HP shipped 14,427 million computers, taking 21.4% of.

Second place belongs to Lenovo. The Chinese manufacturer has kept the volume of supply approximately at the previous year level 14,506 million units to 14,497 million, so its share remained almost unchanged, having increased from 21.5% to 21.6%.

Closes the top three Dell. For the quarter, it shipped 10,836 million PC, which corresponds to 16.1% of the market. A year ago indicators Dell were equal 10,751 million units and 15.9%.


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