According to estimates IDC, in 2016, spending on cloud infrastructure grew by 9.2%

Analysts IDC has summed up the past year on the equipment market of cloud infrastructure. To this market, they include servers, storage and Ethernet switches. If you believe the estimates of IDC, spending on cloud infrastructure in 2016 compared to 2015 year rose 9.2%. In absolute terms, they reached 32.6 billion dollars.

Share cloud infrastructure the General structure of expenses of the information industry continued to grow. More specifically, over the past year it has increased from 33.4% to 37.2%. The cost of infrastructure, not connected with clouds, decreased in all three segments. Sales of Ethernet switches fell by 3.4 per cent, servers by 9.0%, storage — 10.8%.

A market leader in IDC believe that the company Dell, which in the fourth quarter took 17.3 percent. On the second place HP (14,6%), the third — Cisco (11.3 per cent).

Source: IDC


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