According to estimates by IDC, in 2016, the market of equipment for local wireless networks increased by 3.1%

In 2016 the world market of equipment for wireless local networks (WLAN) has continued to grow, although fourth-quarter growth was relatively modest — by 0,1% compared with the same quarter of 2015. Growth for the year as a whole amounted to 3.1%. Such data are contained in the report prepared by experts of analytical company IDC.

According to estimates IDC, in the corporate segment, the quarterly growth rate was 3.1 percent per annum or 7.2%. Sales in the segment for the quarter reached 1.41 billion dollars for the year — $ 5.4 billion.

The proportion of access points-compliant with 802.11 ac, the supply of 2016 is made up of 63.4% (for the quarter to 65.6%), if we talk about the number of devices, and 78.9% (80,9%) in monetary terms. The dynamics of these indicators allows to predict the almost complete disappearance of the segment of the 802.11 n in the enterprise market by 2018.

In the consumer segment, the situation is different: quarterly sales decreased by 4.1%, to 1.02 billion. For the year as a whole has sold equipment by 3.98 billion, which is 2.1% less than in 2015. The share of equipment of 802.11 ac in the quarterly shipments amounted to only 27.6% in quantitative terms and 56.6% in monetary terms.

The market leader in equipment for corporate networks WLAN is Cisco, whose share for the year is equal to 44.0% yoy. Note that in 2015, Cisco owned 46.7% of the market. In second place is Aruba-HPE (14,5%), the third — Huawei (3.6 percent).

Source: IDC



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