According to estimates by Digitimes Research, for the quarter it was shipped 40 million tablets; the market fell by 13.2%

Analysts Digitimes Research summed up the second quarter for the tablet market. According to their calculations, over the three months were shipped about 40 million devices. This is 9.4% less than in the first quarter and 13.2% lower than a year ago. Analysts believe that the impact of seasonal factor and a loss of interest in the tablets.

Contrary to expectations, experts Digitimes Research, the release of the iPad Pro with a display diagonal of 9.7 inch has not led to a revival of demand. In contrast, sales of tablets Apple for the quarter declined 4%. It has sold over 9.6 million units. In fact, the new model drew off some of the demand for last year’s model with a screen size of 12.85 inches. In addition, last quarter, Apple stopped production of the iPad Air.

Famous Apple’s competitors have reduced supply by 7.1%, to 16.98 million units. Among them, in terms of volume leader Samsung. In second place is Amazon, the third — Lenovo. Stronger than all from the reduced demand has hurt Chinese manufacturers of unmarked products total of those shipped 13.8 million tablets.

Source: Digitimes


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