According to estimates, Apple, iOS operating system 10 is installed on 76% of devices

Apple has published statistics showing the share of different versions of the iOS operating system. As of 4 January 2017 the newest version of iOS 10 was set for 76% of active compatible devices, under which you should understand the iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets and players iPod, visit the App Store. IOS 9 is equal to 18%. All previous versions collectively occupy the remaining 6%.

Recall that in late October last year iOS 10 is set to 60% of compatible devices. IOS 9 then was 32%. According to Apple, the velocity of propagation of iOS 10 surpasses its predecessor.

It remains to add that iOS 10 can be installed on the iPhone 5, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch sixth generation and newer models of all these devices. At the same time, the iPhone 7, for example, immediately come with a new OS.

Source: Apple



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