According to Digitimes Research, in 2019 the Samsung Electronics will start producing TV sets QLED

In competition with OLED TVs, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics has relied on the improvement of liquid crystal panels using the technology of quantum dots (QD). One of the options this technology is already used in TVs SUHD, Samsung Electronics continues the development of technology for QLED (quantum dot LED).

The materials of the QD are divided into two types, depending on what physical phenomenon underlies their work: photoluminescence and electroluminescence. The first phenomenon is used in QDEF (improving film for liquid crystal panels), QDCF (color filter for liquid crystal panels), the hybrid panels, QD-OLED and RGB LEDs, the QD. Electroluminescence used led QLED.

The SUHD TVs embodied technology QDEF. Model QDCF, covering 98% of the color space Rec. 2020, will be released in 2017. In 2019, Samsung Electronics plans to begin production of television sets QLED. It is expected that in lifetime they will surpass OLED TVs, while being cheaper to produce. While mass production of television QLED prevent technological problems, including shorter life spans blue QD materials and the uneven distribution of materials of primary colors.

Source: Digitimes



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