ACCORDING to CompuBench claims that the older AMD Vega will be 16 GB of memory and a GPU frequency 1600 MHz

Another AMD Vega tested in CompuBench, which is analogous to the GFXBench.

The card has the ID 6864:00 and, of course, no direct reference to the attitude of the family of Vega, no. But other new cards from AMD doesn’t cook, so no doubt.

Does not provide a large amount of useful information, but something you can learn. For example, the GPU frequency is defined as 1600 MHz. Even if the test is passed the overclocked graphics card, it indicates an increased relative frequency of cards Polaris potential. In addition, this accelerator had 64 computing units, which corresponds to 4096 stream processors and is correlated with early data. It must be the highest card in the Vega family. Also, the graphics card was equipped with 16 GB of memory.

It is unclear exactly how much memory will receive a flagship card from AMD new generation. Rumors and leaks indicate that 8 GB, 16 GB. For example, we can recall the test result of a certain card, even surpassing the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. She is also the GPU frequency was 1600 MHz but the memory was 8 GB. We must not forget that in the case of testing non-serial samples may incorrectly define certain parameters.

Also recall that the rumors talk about a serious lack of 3D maps Vega at the start of sales.



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