According to analysts IDC, in 2018, the decline in the tablet market will be replaced by growth

IDC analysts in June prognozirovanie the growth of the tablet market, confirmed its confidence in the new forecast published yesterday. Specify that while the market continues to decline and return to growth, according to experts IDC, will happen in 2018. Growth will continue until 2020.

Allegedly watching two trends: the transition to models with a detachable keyboard and the displacement of small tablets models with a screen size bigger. If this year the proportion of devices with a screen size of nine inches or less will be 55%, by 2020 it will decrease to 40%. For models with detachable keyboards, their share for the period will increase from 15% to 32%.

The share of models with Android OS, which amounted last year 67,4%, this year reduced to 66.2% and in 2020 — to 57.8%. The reduction will occur due to the increase in the share of models with Windows operating system, which last year was equal to 8.6%. This year the projected figure of 11.3%, and in 2020 is 19.3%. The share of iOS devices, little will change. In 2015 it was equal to 23.9% in 2016 expected rate of 22.4%, in 2020 is 22.9%.

Source: IDC



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