According to analysts, a couple of years smartphone users will be much more active use virtual assistants

Virtual assistants — the new emerging market. Despite the fact that, for example, Siri in 2010, the market for virtual assistants is, in fact, began to emerge only with the release and development ACCORDING to Amazon’s Alexa.

The reason most probably lies in the fact that Amazon’s Alexa has made available to developers and they happily began to produce various devices with AI. Then came Google Assistant, and on the horizon looms the revolutionary Viv, already under the wing of Samsung.

Of course, as soon as emerging a new market, analysts rushed to predict how it will develop. So experts Gartner decided that have already sufficient data to suggest that by 2019, about 20% of user interactions with smartphones will occur precisely by means of one or another virtual assistant.

As for the situation at the moment, then, a survey of 3021 people in the US, the UK and China, analysts found that 42% of respondents from United States and 32% of respondents from the UK used any virtual assistant in your smartphone for the last three months. More than 37% of respondents from the US and the UK use it every day. 54% of users from these two countries used Siri, you have to own Apple devices. Assistant Google Now used by 41% of respondents from the UK and 48% of respondents from the United States.


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