According to a new court decision, Apple should not have to pay a fine to the company Smartflash

Two years ago the court ordered Apple to pay 532,9 million dollar company Smartflash for patent infringement. Later in the same year, the original decision was overturned by a Federal judge. According to the judge, the jury may have been misled by his advice on how to properly determine the size of payments.

And almost two years later the court rendered another decision in this case. Now Apple is found not guilty, explaining that Smartflash’s patents are too abstract and do not have a clear description to guarantee their protection in court.

Note that the company Smartflash was founded in 2000 by engineer Patrick rat (Patrick Racz). He received several patents relating to the storage of various data (music, videos and so on) and access them using electronic payment systems. Rat failed to commercialize their innovations in any way, so the usual Smartflash is a patent Troll.



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