Accessory True Zoom Camera smartphone Moto Z will offer 10x optical zoom and xenon flash

In June of this year, Lenovo introduced a smartphone Moto Z-Moto Z Force, as well as the first plug-in modules for it. Module that extends the functionality of the camera, in the original list was not.

As it became known, such a module should go on sale very soon, it will be called True Zoom Camera. The manufacturer of the accessory is a well-known Swedish company Hasselblad, which produces cameras and related equipment.

Recall, LG G5 module has received a LG Cam Plus, which improves the grip and adds physical buttons and also includes additional battery capacity of 1200 mA•h. In the case of True Zoom Camera everything is much more complicated and interesting.

According to yet a single image, True Zoom Camera will offer users the Moto Z 10x optical zoom, xenon flash and the ability to shoot in RAW format.

Accurate information about price is True Zoom Camera yet, one of the insiders claims that the accessory will be offered at a price of $250.



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