Accessory that makes VR-helmet HTC Vive wireless, costs $220

HTC began taking pre-orders for the accessory, which eliminates the need to connect the VR wire to the computer.

Development of the accessory has been performed by the company Tpcast in the framework of the program of support of developers Vive X, which HTC has allocated $ 100 million. The developers claim that there is no perceptible difference between using the HTC Vive with both wired and wireless connection there. In other words, your wireless journey in the world of virtual reality will lead to delays. Thus, a user who is not connected to the wire, needs to get overall more vivid experience.

Standard battery of this accessory has about one and a half hours, in the future the developers will release a high-capacity battery, which is not to make the helmet heavier, it will be possible to put for example in your pocket.

The accessory will be released in limited quantity to place a pre-order, you must specify the existing serial number of the helmet HTC Vive.



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