Accessory for smartphone Superbook in the form of a laptop will be delayed for six months

Last year on a triumphant Kickstarter was funded accessory Superbook, which can be used with smartphones running the Android operating system.

The team has raised about $ 3 million, pledging to start a newsletter to those who ordered first Superbook at the price of 85 $ in January 2017. However, now the team Andromium Inc. reported that a large number of orders and other problems led to the delay.

«When you need to make 20 thousand units instead of 200, you do not have margin for error. Every mistake can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses, eventually leading to even more delay in the release date».

As the developers noted, they could not hope that the Kickstarter campaign be so successful. They took the extra six months to create and test a fully functional product.

Some vendors raised prices on the accessories, but the team took all the additional costs today. In addition, specialists advised the developers to make some modifications to simplify the Assembly process Superbook.

Now the issue Superbook is expected in June 2017.


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