Accessory Camera Mod Moto 360 valued at $300

At the beginning of the month, presenting a line of smartphones Moto Z in Ghana, Lenovo also announced a removable back panel, dubbed the Moto 360 Camera Mod.

At that time we saw only one image of the accessory, but did not know anything about its capabilities. Yesterday, presenting smartphone Moto Force Z2, Lenovo has published long-awaited details about Moto 360 Camera Mod.

This accessory allows you to take pictures with a viewing angle of 150° in each of two 13-megapixel modules, and record panoramic videos at 4K resolution at 24 fps. Moto 360 Camera Mod is supported by all smartphones Moto Z, are available on the market.

At the time the accessory will be able to stream the panoramic video to the Network, an update will be released later.

Moto 360 Camera Mod will go on sale August 10 for $300.



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