Accessories 2018: Fashion trends and novelties

Accessories – essential attributes of a stylish image. Correctly picking up these seemingly «trinkets» you can transform an outfit and make it more expressive.

Held in Milan fashion Week introduced the world luxurious accessories, embodies the crazy ideas and unimaginable combinations, born in the minds of famous designers. Some of them are equal in style and extravagance even by the outfits.


Accessories 2018: Fashion trends and novelties

Speaking generally about the accessories 2018, it is possible to allocate some directions:

  • rebellious rocker style plenty of safety pins, chains and other jewelry is once again becoming fashionable and popular
  • animal prints – bracelets and rings in the form of snakes, butterflies, birds, etc.
  • massive jewelry multilayer beads necklace, thick chain
  • precious metals and stones – accessories with Jasper, amethyst, malachite, etc.
  • ethnic motifs – Oriental prints, amulets, talismans and charms found its place in stylish fashion images 2018

Winter accessories 2018

Even being bundled up in a fur coat, thick coat or jacket don’t forget about the lovely accessories that are not only warm in the cold, but also give the image a unique charm.

Fur scarves

Knitwear is so boring that ladies are ready to replace them with an unusual three-dimensional Boas and fur scarves. They look much more interesting, better and most importantly warm in winter. Designers have proposed not only a new way of tying a scarf, but also showed a model from the most unexpected materials.

Fur scarf can be made in calm tones, or Vice versa, dazzle bright rich colors. Very unusual in the winter look women’s shoes pink, blue, purple color, made in the technique of color blocking, or from multiple pieces of colored fur.

Fur scarf – a versatile accessory, essential for winter. It can be worn, wrapped over his shoulders outerwear, wrap around the neck and even to use as headgear.

«Grandma,» a handkerchief

Many consider the headscarf an echo of the Soviet past, when they were indispensable attribute of a provincial young ladies and grandmothers. However, the last collections of Gucci, Moschino showed that the handkerchief is not fully appreciated accessory that can embellish the feminine look of urban fashionista.

Fashion bright colorful scarves that you need to tie it to «grandma’s» style. To combine the headgear with a quilted coat or coats of saturated colors.

Long gloves

Designers are preparing to strong frosts, because meteorologists predict that winter 2018 will be the coldest in the last 100 years. Therefore it is necessary to insulate the full, adding closet fur mittens and hats.


Winter 2018 submitted the correct length gloves that reaches the elbow and above. The actual leather, suede and knitted various colors and styles. To wear fur gloves can not only outerwear. They can become a highlight of the image with dresses, blouses or suits.

Fur headbands

Feminine armbands and headbands emphasize the facial features make them clearer and more expressive. The correct shade and style of this accessory focuses on eye color and clothing.

Presents Luisa Beccaria, Elie Saab bandage is designed in the style of the aristocracy and austerity. They are made of fur, knitted and decorated with large precious metals, brooches with stones, flowers and pearls. These accessories are essential for cold autumn or warm spring.

Fashion accessories: Summer 2018

When as or summer to complete their look with cute accessories, which represented a huge amount. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, handbags, rings, brooch – not a complete list of what you can decorate your casual, business or evening look.

Stylish bracelets 2018

As for the bracelets, the designers decided on a direction. Increasingly, they offer us largest accessories with a simple form and simple prints.

Bracelet material doesn’t matter, as long as it was large and not lost in the background. Trend 2018 – a couple of bracelets on one arm at a time, over the sleeve or long gloves.

The anklets

Stylists propose to use the bracelets not only on hands, but and ankles. They complement summer and spring, when outfits become more open and light. The anklets are very impressive looking with a skirt of any length, dress, shorts or cropped jeans.

The growing trend 2018 – jewelry with a cross. They complement chokers, bracelets, earrings and chains, creating holidays and more casual images.

Trendy earrings 2018

Massive pursuing of fashionistas and in such essential for women accessories like earrings. This season, please note the large decoration with cross, stones. Fashion large clip-on earrings, openwork Kafa with chains, accessories unusual geometric shapes, the tiered model.

Stylish choker 2018

The main objective of the necklace in the coming year – focusing on the big decoration of this accessory. In 2018 will be the actual massive multi-tiered decoration with rocks on strings or fine crystals.

Summer suited necklace in ethnic style that look great with images in the style of boho or casual.

Fashion rings 2018

Bands that will be in trend in the year ahead, striking in its massiveness and extravagance of forms. Designers offered women a model in the form of large insects, small birds and even animals. Wearing such accessories need all together on each finger, creating a full kit in the same style.

Trendy pendants 2018

Like many accessories in 2018, pendants need to be very large and noticeable. In the trend of massive chains with large medallions, which are not just decoration, they are complemented by thoughtful inscriptions or symbols.

Interest cockeram in 2018 diminished somewhat, so designers were limited to models with small and as simple decoration.

Other accessories 2018

In addition to basic decorations, without which no one woman you may well use a not so popular accessories. For example, lace socks and stockings, which had just started to appear on fashion shows. You can wear them with any open shoes and sandals.

To focus and narrow waist will help the belt and straps. In the upcoming season it is recommended to wear a wide leather models, which are tied in a knot at the waist, making the image of a daring and defiant.

To choose the right accessory is not an easy task. Here it is necessary to think carefully about each purchase and don’t purchase at first glance an attractive decoration.

To understand what accessories you need, will help only constant practice and study fashion related with photo on our website, which presents more than 100 original ideas of combining jewelry with clothes in almost any style.

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