About a month FOR CCleaner contain malicious code, which infected over 2 million PCs

Sometimes even big name and presence of a product on the market for a very long period does not protect consumers from problems.

As it became known, ACCORDING to CCleaner, which is unlikely to require separate representation, was the cause of infection 2.27 million computers. The problem was the version of CCleaner v5.33, appeared on 15 August.

Unknown attackers have found a security hole and has integrated it with the special command by which the system was loaded with malicious code. Found a specialist company owned by Cisco Talos Intelligence. The app was downloaded from the official website.

11 Sep version CCleaner v5.34, which was not infected. However, the previous version was deleted a few days ago.
In this story, it’s funny that the developer of this SOFTWARE company Piriform, was recently bought by Avast company engaged in the development of antivirus software.


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