Abaco is ready from the miniature prototype system in an enhanced performance on Nvidia Jetson TX2

As Nvidia partners have access to new developments before their formal announcement, the company Abaco already presented a prototype of a miniature system in an enhanced performance on the basis of the module is the Nvidia Jetson TX2, which had just been presented.

The system received the code name Elroy, is optimized according to the criterion of SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost), that is, the developers have tried to provide a minimal size, weight, power consumption and cost. According to the plan of Abaco, the novelty will find application in cases that require high performance in severe restrictions on the above parameters. In particular, to the areas classified by Autonomous vehicles. Elroy forces can be implemented, for example, tracking of objects and image stabilization on land mobile platforms.

The status of the serial product Elroy will gain in the second quarter.

Source: Abaco Systems



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