A year should start to work online rent movies that are still showing in cinemas

Major Hollywood companies are interested in new sources of income in light of the fact that the income from the rental of movies in cinemas and sales of their physical media in recent times is reduced.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the head of Fox Stacy Snider (Stacey Snider) said that in the foreseeable future, users will be able to take out new movies from home. We are talking about innovations that have aired in theaters. The only known point for today is that this service will cost no more than $ 50, and its introduction is expected within the next 6-12 months.

We’ve heard rumors that Apple conducts similar negotiations with the film studios. Stacy Snyder confirmed that in the last few months, the talks died down, but now has formed a complete concept, which is actively discussed by interested parties.

It remains to wait for information about what will benefit the users who decide to use this service. How many times and how long it will be possible to watch a movie, how many days after theatrical release the film will be available for rental and so on.


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