A year after the announcement of the Nikon cancels the release of a compact camera DL series, and not starting the sale

Nikon announced the decision to cancel sales of compact cameras DL series belonging to the upper segment. We are talking about models DL18-50, DL24-85 and DL24-500, announced in February last year.

Initially start was planned in June. However, in April the manufacturer announced that the release is postponed due to serious bugs in the image processor. New date of commencement of sales of the manufacturer did not call, take up the correction of errors. Meanwhile, in January this year, a large photographic store B&H supplied a page with the description of the listed cameras marked «expected delivery date: March 2017″.

As is clear from the new message manufacturer, producing cameras, it has been decided to cancel. The reason is called «the doubt that their production will be profitable taking into account the increased development costs and the projected reduction in sales due to the slowdown of the market.» Doubts look reasonable, if we remember that the total for the year sales of compact cameras, Nikon has decreased from 2.26 million to 990 million pieces.

The company apologized to those who affected her decision, especially to users who intend to purchase cameras.

Source: Nikon



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