A wonderful holiday in Tunisia in 2018

Mediterranean breeze gently caresses your skin, radiant Tunisian sun can be hot, but not scalding kisses. All the days of the summer holidays in Tunisia to 2018 will be filled with fun and enjoyment. Today we will make a small excursion to the most interesting places of this wonderful country, tell the advantages of summer vacation in Tunisia.

Attractive benefits of a summer vacation in Tunisia

Coming on holiday to Tunisia, it seems that here the whole world has gathered. First, entry into the territory of the country visa-free, automatically free from solve many bureaucratic issues. Secondly, vacationers are choosing Tunisia in the summer due to weather conditions: there is no sweltering heat. The Chinese food in Tunis in joy, because all the beaches and hotels are equipped to have fun. Only worth to visit Cartec land, Hammamet! The famous thalassotherapy is also one of the important reasons of the selection of holidays in Tunisia. Price list for improvement vacationers lower than in the resorts of Krasnodar region.

The cost of the trip in the summer of 2018 in Tunisia

Trip to Tunisia – a treat that is worth about 6000.e. for a single person. The cost varies because of the choice hotel for accommodation, food, excursions. Many vacationers think Tunisia is the best option for people of moderate means, because the prices here are reasonable and do not hit hard on the budget. To reach Tunis in 6 hours by plane easier, but you can if you want to travel to Europe by boat or train. The price of the airline ticket starts from 70.e.

The best nightlife in Tunisia

If you come to Tunisia with a group of friends, then get ready for the hottest disputes on the theme what kind of place it is better to choose for a night stay: Le Carpe Diem – Tunis, Discotheque Platinium, La Taverne Djerba, Igloo Ice Bar or Sahara Lounge. These entertainment venues, according to reviews of tourists, included in the top ten.

Culinary attractions of Tunisia: exotic seafood and lamb

To begin the Tunisian kitchen is best with seafood: shrimp, size of your thumb, squid, oysters, clams, of which cook soup and pancakes. The second item on the program should be fish. And, of course, lamb. Main dishes of Tunisia: Brik, couscous is Tunisian salad Mechouia, Chalk Kobza, Kobza Herd, Lamb a La Gergolet, Tajine-Tunisian.

The Beaches Of Tunisia

The beaches of Tunisia in many colors: white, Golden, pink. They’re just created for active recreation: surfing, sailing, scuba diving, water skiing and sea fishing. Tan equally well everywhere. The water temperature is about 27 °C and air +30°C all summer is almost unchanged. But the role of the inhospitable winter in Tunisia with a temperate climate from November to April playing the rainy season and wind. Because in Tunisia there is a huge choice of places for holidays in the summer of 2018, therefore, the beaches are exquisite and unique. I want to highlight the stunning beaches of Sousse, Sidi Bou said, Yasmine, Mahdia, Skanes, El Remal, Tabarka, Gammarth, Salammbo, Sfax.

Attractions Tunisia: everything you need to see at least once in your life

Monuments of Tunisia are divided into natural, like the Sahara desert, national Park Eskel, lake Shott El JERID and the Atlas mountains, and historical times: the Amphitheatre at El JEM, a mosque, UKBA, the ancient cities of Dougga, Kerkouane Carthage. Tunisia from its historical past is not at all tired and happy to welcome tourists in the most unusual corners of the globe.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is the first place where you want to go on a tour. The two-day trip price – 115.e. for a single adult and 70.e. for the child. Vast open spaces allow you to arrange jeep safaris, and excursions to the remains of the scenery from the film «Star wars» and trips to Bedouin settlements leave a lot of impressions.

Baths Anthony Pius

Thermae in Tunisia, is a baths where converge all the Roman noblemen for the purpose of discussing and resolving the political situation of the transaction. The remaining ruins of the baths of Antonius Pius is a place that want to visit the tourists of Tunisia.


The Fortress Of Ribat Of Hartem

Impressive fortifications attract tourists power, and the ability to look at the neighborhood of Tunis. Here is a working Museum of Islam.

The Salammbo Tophet

The Salammbo Tophet – a terrible place of child sacrifice in ancient Tunisia. Excursion to the preserved to our times the altar is very often included in the tour price.

Ancient cities like Carthage, Dougga and Kerkouane

You must travel to the ruined city of Carthage, which is accessible independently from the capital of Tunisia. In Dugga tourists enjoy beautiful temples, mausoleums, theaters. Kerkouane is of particular historical value for Tunisia.

El Gemski Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre at El JEM looks like a Colosseum. The structure was designed for duels between fighters and wild beasts. A monument of history well preserved, which gives the opportunity to assess tourists with all its beauty and grandeur.

The picturesque town of Sidi Bou said

In the beautiful town of Sidi Bou said is a day to walk through the streets where ordinary people live. New buildings in the city, as the authorities decided not to change the appearance of antiquity.

The heritage Museum of Bardo

A suburb of Tunis attracts tourists National Bardo Museum where you can learn details about the historical past of the country.

Matmata is a town in caves

Interesting buildings in the caves for human habitation, tourists are offered to see in Matmata.

Also worth a visit the Catholic Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul, the synagogue of El-Fungus, the tomb of Habib Bourguiba, mosques, Uqba and al-Zaituna, fortress Hartem Ribat, Ribat in Sousse, Houmt Souk, zoo Friguia Park Eskel, lake Shott El JERID and the Souk El-Juma.

To make sure the greatness of Tunisia, definitely worth a go in the summer of 2018, this good-natured and hospitable country!

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