A wheelchair user who worked in Samsung, stole and sold 8474 smartphone

The Korean police arrested an employee of Samsung Electronics, who is a wheelchair user. He is accused of kidnapping thousands of smartphones.

A man named Lee (Lee) in the period from December 2014 to November 2016 was taken from the headquarters of Samsung in Suwon (Gyeonggi province) 8474 smartphone designed for developers. He was selling stolen smartphones the store, which specializiruetsya on used goods. The total amount of funds raised amounted to 714 thousand dollars.

Lee accepted to work at Samsung in 2010, when the Korean giant has opened up new positions for people with disabilities. At his workplace he was repairing old phones that were used by developers for testing various updates.

All employees of Samsung, leaving the company pass through a metal detector, but Whether confined to a wheelchair, was allowed to pass this procedure than he did.

The police added that Lee is a fan of gambling, and its total debt exceeded 800 thousand dollars.



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