A Volkswagen electric vehicle I. D., the release of which is scheduled for 2020, will pass without charging 600 km

The company Volkswagen presented at the motor show in Paris, the prototype of the electric vehicle I. D. Edition Volkswagen electric vehicle I. D. is scheduled for 2020. According to the manufacturer, Volkswagen I. D. will pass without charging 600 km.

This is the first model on a new platform Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive Kit. Its features include the use of continuous light sources OLED.

The rear lights are completely manufactured using this technology. In addition, lights on inorganic LEDs framed by a thin strips of OLED.

Based on the Volkswagen I. D. in 2025 will be released Volkswagen model I. D. Pilot, equipped with a system of Autonomous driving.

Source: Engadget


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