A virtual reality helmet Alcatel Vision is based on a SoC Exynos 7420

At IFA 2016 was presented a virtual reality helmet Alcatel Vision cost 500-600 euros. This is a fully Autonomous device that contains a hardware platform for processing data and battery, and displays.

The Alcatel Vision is to no connect not required. It is unclear how to move this product. Perhaps it will support the Google Daydream, as if Alcatel wanted to promote its own platform, she would have reported about it during the announcement, as in the case of choice in favor of Oculus.

Whatever it was, it became known that the heart of the helmet is the SoC Samsung Exynos 7420. The one that lies at the heart of the smartphone Galaxy S6. This automatically causes the gaming capabilities of the new device. In fact, expect from an independent VR helmet of some completely different platform would be stupid, as a single-chip ARM systems are best suited in such cases. By the way, also clarifies that the angle of the headset reaches 120 degrees.

, Samsung


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