A U.S. judge has rejected Samsung’s attempt to challenge two patents Huawei in a dispute about licensing

As we reported in the spring of this year, Huawei filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Samsung Electronics, accusing it of violating patents. Last week, district judge hearing the case rejected the attempt of Samsung to challenge two of the eleven patents Huawei involved in the lawsuit.

In one of the patents describes a method of reducing interference when connecting the mobile device to the wireless network. According to Samsung, its contents reduced to a mathematical formula, which cannot be subject to patenting. However, the judge found that the invention describes a «specific improvement in cellular communication, not an abstract idea or formula.»

The second patent, according to Samsung, too close to the existing, however the judge and it is considered quite reasonable because it describes a specific part of the mobile device, and not repeated a General formulation of the close of the patent.

A Huawei representative expressed satisfaction with the judge’s decision.

Source: Patently Apple

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