A Tesla will get an updated version of the autopilot

In the next week or two the Tesla will get wirelessly updated version of the autopilot. One of the main improvements — giving greater weight to the testimony of the radar. According to CEO Elon musk (Elon Musk), and other improvements, including more stringent requirement for the driver to keep hands on the wheel, would have prevented the tragic outcome of the may accident.

The driver did not clean his hands off the wheel for a long time, the developers of the Autopilot 8.0 decided to do the autopilot is temporarily unavailable, if the driver previously did not respond to a sound signal, calling to take the wheel. An alarm will sound if the warrior keeps hands on the wheel more than one minute when the vehicle is moving at a speed over 70 km/h, and there are no cars. If the electric car follows another vehicle, a signal is given after three minutes. Three times ignoring the warning within the hour, the driver loses the ability to use the autopilot as long as the electric vehicle is stopped.

The national Directorate of traffic safety on highways (NHTSA) investigating the may accident, received from a Tesla information about the changes in the autopilot and intends to study it. This was reported to submit to NHTSA, refusing to comment on the investigation.

Source: Reuters



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