A Tesla on the basis of hardware platform of the second generation has an updated autopilot

The head of Tesla Ilon Musk (Elon Musk) said on his Twitter page that the updated autopilot system (Autopilot Enhanced) became available to owners of electric vehicles Model S and Model X on the basis of hardware platform of the second generation (HW2).

Since October of last year, Tesla Motors began equipping its electric vehicles with additional equipment intended for the autopilot system. This update will not be available for earlier vehicles (HW1). Elon Musk, responding to a question about whether there is a chance for owners of the previous generation of electric vehicles (HW1) to the new autopilot, noted that they would have had to replace more than 300 parts. In other words, improved autopilot will be available only on new cars.

The list of changes are more stable navigation, automatic changing lanes in heavy traffic and a speed limit of 72 km/h on the highway. After data collection and analysis the speed limit will be increased. In addition, the car will notify the driver of a possible collision, an audible and visual signals.

Musk has warned that the cameras on some vehicles you will need to configure in the service centers Tesla, to work properly after installing the update.

We will remind, the investigation revealed that the autopilot was not guilty of the death of the owner of the Tesla electric car. Musk also promised to release a new version of vehicles every year and a half.

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