A subway ride in San Francisco made free from the attack of hackers

In modern movies you can often see how a particular group of hackers (or just one person) gets access to some large corporations, and then uses this data one way or another.

Of course, in the movie this happens much more often than in real life, but in the latter case, the consequences too real. According to sources, unidentified hackers broke into the security system of the transportation Agency San Francisco (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency; SFMTA). The attackers attacked the payment terminals, computers, employees of the metro, mail servers, and other resources related to urban public transport.

For the restoration of the control systems, the hackers ask for a ransom of 100 BTC (bitcoin), which corresponds to 73 000 dollars. Interestingly, when criminals used emails that are registered on Yandex.

After the incident, the Agency has made the metro free, in order to minimize the impact of attacks on passengers.

To attack hackers used a variant ON HDDCryptor designed to encrypt data on hard drives. As a result, the data to which the attackers gained access, have been encrypted and the keys that allow to decrypt it, ask those 73 000 dollars. Such a small sum seems somewhat odd, given the attack on the establishment.


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