A smartphone that is issued for Xiaomi Mi Nano Mix may be Zuk Edge

After the announcement of the frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix network has spread information that the manufacturer will release a smaller model called Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Someone even published photos in which the device sealed together. A few days ago, the head of marketing Department at Xiaomi, Zhiyuan Zang (Zang Zhiyuan) stated that competitors are using the hype around Xiaomi Mi Mix to advertise your smartphone, adding that such product, as Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano does not exist.

And after the CEO Zuk Chang Cheng (Chang Cheng) published a photo of smartphone Zuk Edge, there is a new version of the events.

Very similar to what a smartphone that is issued for Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano is Zuk Edge. If you look closely, you can see that the device with smaller dimensions, is frameless and looks like Zuk Edge.

Zuk Edge will present next week.

, Zuk


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