A single-chip system Intel Gemini Lake is a hardware decoder 10-bit video VP9

Continuing to debunk the hasty assertion that Intel Gemini Lake will not get serious improvements compared Apollo Lake, the source has found evidence that the GPU these single-chip systems will have a hardware decoder 10-bit video format VP9.

Confirmation of the presence of the decoder in single-chip systems Intel Celeron and Pentium generation Gemini Lake was the appearance of the string «Add support for Gemini Lake (aka. GLK) — Decoding: H. 264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9/VP9 10-bit» in the change log of a patch for the Linux kernel.

Note that in Apollo Lake also has hardware support for video decoding, but it is limited by the format VP9 8-bit Profile0.

Earlier it became known that the decoder commands in the Gemini Lake will be wider than in Apollo Lake.

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