A single-chip system Huawei Kirin 970 includes CPU, GPU and NPU

On passing now in the Berlin IFA 2017, Huawei Consumer Business Group introduced a new single chip system for smartphones. The new product is called Kirin 970, and its key feature is the hardware support for applications of artificial intelligence (AI). According to the manufacturer, it «introduces AI to life and changing the way we interact with devices.»

The AI in the mobile device consists of means of the device and cloud services. The second component have evolved considerably in recent years, but the possibilities of the device-side there is much to improve. Since the means of killing the user experience, improving at this stage will help us to understand and meet individual needs.

Therefore, the configuration of Kirin 970 includes not only 8-core CPU and 12-core GPU, but the new unit neural processing unit (Neural Processing Unit or NPU). Heterogeneous complex Kirin 970 outperforms a Quad-core CPU Cortex-A73 25 times the performance and up to 50 times — for energy efficiency. System-on-chip, manufactured on a 10-nanometer technology, includes 5.5 billion transistors. The die area is 1 cm2.

IFA 2017
, Huawei


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