A single-chip system Apple A11 will get a six-core CPU

As is known, a single-chip system Apple A10X contains six processor cores: three and three energy-efficient high-performance. Unlike other contemporary decisions, the SoC, Apple can not simultaneously use all cores, so that at a certain point in time is working or a senior cluster or younger.

Will this question change in the Apple A11 is unknown, but new data suggest that this SoC will also be a six-core. That is the new iPhone from Apple will be the first that will receive a platform with six-core CPU.

But unlike A10X, A11 configuration will be different. Referred to two high-performance cores and four energy efficient, Monsoon, Mistral. About the graphic-data yet.

Also in the code of iOS 11 GM found a statement that all new smartphones Apple will be able to shoot 4K video at 60 fps and Full HD at 240 fps. Previously it was thought that it would be exclusive to the iPhone X.

In addition, the OS code is an indication of the unusual functionality of the power button. For example, by double clicking you confirm the payment in Apple Pay.



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