A single-chip system Ambarella S3 supports 8K video

The company Ambarella, specializing in the creation of integrated circuits with low power consumption, designed to handle high-definition video, presented a system-on-chip H3. According to the manufacturer, a single-chip system Ambarella H3, a configuration which includes Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, designed for drones and high end cameras of new generation, including a panoramic camera and cameras for virtual reality devices.

The advantages of the H3 is the support of the compression standard H. 264/AVC video 8K Ultra HD with frame rate up to 30 fps or more video streams requiring the same performance. For example, the SoC handles image from the camera with a viewing angle of 360°, is built on two sensors forming and 4K video with a frame rate of 60 K/S. in addition, the H3 allows you to change the resolution and to perform electronic image stabilization. The manufacturer also notes support for HEVC, 10-bit performance and HDR.

Source: Ambarella


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