A simple TV set-top box Google Chromecast and Ultra back Google Home

The fourth of October, Google will present new devices. Among the most anticipated smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL, but there will be other news. For example, new TV set-top box Chromecast — Chromecast Ultra.

As written by our colleagues from Android Police with reference to the source, Chromecast Ultra (pictured above — that it is an improved version of consoles Chromecast. It will support 4K resolution and will offer HDR. However, justify whether these innovations are two-fold price increase — question. Reportedly, the cost of the Chromecast Ultra will be $70 vs. $35 for a regular Chromecast.

Home voice assistant Google Home novelty is not a device was presented in may at the conference Google I/O. However, until now the product sale is not entered. And when will come is unclear, but its price is already known: $130.

Source: Android Police



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