A series of monitors NEC MultiSync E, is intended for use as a Bulletin Board, joined model E326, E436, E506, and E556 E656

NEC Display Solutions of America announced the completion of a series of monitors MultiSync E, is intended for use as a Bulletin Board. The manufacturer considers the new model to the initial level. In monitors used LCD panel type VA resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The list of novelties includes a 32-inch model E326, 43-inch E436, 50-E506 inch, 55-inch and 65 E556-inch E656. Shared innovations that distinguish this monitor from the previously released models from the E series, is wake-on-HDMI, allowing the monitor to turn on automatically when a signal on the HDMI input. In addition, the new E-series feature built-in tuners that can receive digital and analog broadcast ATSC and NTSC. It should also be noted the function of reading the subtitles aloud. Each monitor has a built player to play the content from the drive connected to the USB port. In addition, the equipment includes three HDMI inputs, VGA input and inputs for composite and component signal.

Prices E326, E436, E506, and E556 E656 equal $399, $599, $839, $1149 and $1999 respectively.

Source: NEC



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