A new set Google conference now includes a touch screen and a smart camera

In 2014 Google introduced a set of Chromebox for meetings focuses on video conferencing. The original set was worth $ 1,000, and in 2015, it was renewed and increased to $ 2,000.

Now Google has released a new version of the pack, which is now called Hangouts, Meet hardware. It also is estimated at $ 2000, but now includes an additional and a touch screen that acts as a remote control.

In addition to his kit includes PC Asus Chromebox, a block with a speaker, microphones and controls, as well as a new camera that not only can shoot in 4K, but stands out with smart features.

The camera is able to identify the participants of the conference and in automatic mode as appropriate to scale and crop the image. In addition, the buyer of the kit gets access to certain paid features G Suite.



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