A new Microsoft division, which includes more than 5,000 people, will deal with developments in the field of artificial intelligence

Microsoft has announced that in the restructuring process as it brought together several separate projects and programs in a brand new unit, which will deal with developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Department, including more than 5,000 employees, will become the fourth major division of Microsoft, along with the divisions of the Windows operating system, office applications and cloud technologies.

Headed new Department head of Microsoft Research Harry Noise (Harry Shum). The unit will include products such as Cortana and Bing team as well as Ambient Computing and Robotics. In Microsoft claim that this move will standardize the system of artificial intelligence in various products of the company.

Garry Noise added that they will try to integrate artificial intelligence system in the largest possible number of projects for the entertainment industry, regular users and content creators.



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