A new image of the smartphone Meizu Pro 7 illustrates a metal body, ring flash and a curved display

The Network has already appeared a variety of images of the smartphone Meizu Pro 7. However, these were isolated cases, and to talk about the authenticity of these leaks is hardly necessary.

A new image from the same category, so to treat it you need respectively.

As you can see, the smartphone, according to the source, get the metal body and curved with the two sides of the display. Will continue button below the screen and flash in the form of a ring, which debuted at Pro 6.

The overall design looks quite plausible and overlaps with previous leaks, but this does not mean that the picture may not be a figment of someone’s imagination.

While Pro 7 is safe to say only that he will not get the Exynos SoC 8890 (although there is evidence of it). If the alternative is selected, some of the platforms MediaTek, many potential buyers that just have no soul.



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