A new electric vehicle Nissan Leaf can be controlled without using the brake pedal

Nissan told about one of the features that is implemented in the electric car Nissan Leaf the new generation.

We are talking about the technology, dubbed e-Pedal. It allows you to control the car without using the brake pedal. This functionality is activated by a special switch, then you can control the speed of the vehicle and stop it only with an electronic accelerator pedal. If you start to release the pedal, the car will slow down. Removing your foot from the accelerator pedal will cause the brake system to engage.

The technology of e-Pedal will also allow you to hold the vehicle stationary on a road with a slope, however, it has long been able to do many cars with an automatic transmission.

New Nissan Leaf will be characterized by a much more attractive reserve compared to its predecessors. On one charge it can pass up to 320 km in addition, the Nissan Leaf the new generation will get the driver assistance system ProPilot, which will allow the car to move one lane. Further ProPilot will learn how to fully drive in the city and on the highway.

Nissan Leaf the new generation will present 5 Sep.



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