A new device NexDock will become a hybrid and will be able to use a PC Intel Compute Card

Last year on the site Indiegogo was successfully funded device project NexDock, which is made in the form factor of a laptop but does not contain directly the PC components.

It was proposed to connect the smartphone or mini-PC, and the cost NexDock is only $150. As it became known, the creators of this device has been developing a new. The concept will remain, but in addition the ability to connect various mobile devices together with the new NexDock you can use Intel Compute Card. Recall is a tiny PC the size of a credit card containing all the necessary components of the computer. However, the settings during the presentation were not named.

It should also be noted that the new NexDock will turn into a hybrid device, as it will be a tablet with a connectable keyboard that will expand the options for its use. It is already known that the new device will receive a USB-C port and a display resolution of HD or higher. When it will release such a solution, is unclear. It is likely that the company will return to the site to raise funds. By the way, all who participated in the last campaign have already received their devices NexDock.



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