A more simple version of the smartphone LG G6 may be called the Compact G6 and G6 Lite

LG has secured the right to use several trademarks, which may indicate the names of different models of the new smartphone LG G6.

Among the new brands there are names LG Compact G6 and G6 Lite. Last year there were rumors about the smartphone LG G5 Lite, which eventually was published under the name of LG G5 SE.

LG can now use names such as Hybrid G6, G6 Fit, G6 Sense, Young G6, G6 Forte, G6 Prix. If LG has not confirmed the rejection of the modular design when creating the LG G6, one might think that we are talking about new modules for this smartphone.

The name LG G6 Fit is quite suitable fitness bracelet. What devices can hide under other names, while we can only speculate.



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