A Lenovo representative confirmed the company’s intention to abandon its own brand in the smartphone market in most countries

In March there appeared information about the fact that Lenovo intends to eliminate the brand Zuk and even its own brand in the smartphone market, reintroducing the Motorola brand and focusing on it.

Zuk is really eliminated, and as for the brand Lenovo, the situation remained unclear.

For example, it is now known that in India Lenovo is no longer selling smartphones of the family Vibe. But this is not the most important. The company said that Lenovo intends on a global scale to abandon the strategy of double brand.

This means that in most markets we do not see the Lenovo smartphones, as they will replace the Moto devices, which later should return the name of Motorola! That is, Lenovo will not eliminate its own brand in the smartphone market, but will use it only in the Indian market. At least, so said Yang Huckfeldt (Jan Huckfeldt), occupying the post of Vice-President, global marketing and communications.

However, it is hard to believe, since not only in the Indian market position Lenovo’s strong enough. For example, in China, Russia, some other CIS countries low cost devices are sold very well.

Anyway, Lenovo has decided to strengthen the brand Moto.

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