A leading provider of technology and materials OLED reported for the second quarter of 2017

Universal Display Corporation (UDC), a leading developer of technologies and manufacturer of OLED materials, has published a report for the second quarter of 2017. The company’s management said that quarterly revenue was a record for the UMC, and the growth is are the result of two decades of intensive work and constant investment in research.

The quarterly revenue UDС amounted to 102,6 million dollars. It’s 59% more than last year, equal to 64.4 million dollars. The sales growth was 110% and the increase in licence fees — 28%. In monetary terms, sales of materials brought UDС 46.8 million dollars, and the licensing of 53.7 million dollars. A year ago these figures were equal to 22,3 42,0 million and$, respectively.

Operating profit for the year increased from 34,0 to 60.5 million dollars. Net profit for the same period increased from 21.8 to 47.2 million dollars.

As at the end of the quarter at the disposal of the UDC was 380 million dollars.



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