A joint venture of Qualcomm and TDK

Qualcomm and TDK announced the beginning of work of the joint venture RF360 Holdings, the creation of which was announced a year ago.

As planned, the company formed by the merger of the relevant assets of the partners, will produce modules of RF transceiver circuits and filters for mobile devices and other applications, including Internet of things, automotive electronics, etc. these products will be designed for integration with solutions Qualcomm Technologies.

The company RF360 Holdings registered in Singapore, but it has offices in Europe and Asia. The headquarter of SP is located in Munich. The total number of employees RF360 Holdings exceed 4,000 people. Equity interests in the joint venture are distributed as follows: 51% owned by Qualcomm Global Trading (QGT), 49% — EPCOS, a TDK subsidiary. The agreement foresees the possibility that in the future EPCOS sell their share of QGT.

Source: Qualcomm



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