A group of hackers of Turkish Crime Family requires Apple’s redemption, claiming that the hacked 300 million user accounts of the company

According to the source, the hacker or group of hackers, calling itself the Turkish Crime Family, announced that it has access to more than 300 million accounts Apple ecosystem! This iCloud account, and e-mail domains @icloud and @me.

Supposedly having such an incredible ‘trump card’, the hackers require only $ 75,000 for failing to remove prospective data cache. The ransom they want to see the cryptocurrency Bitcoin or Ethereum.

It is reported that hackers have already contacted Apple and gave the company proof that they have access to other people’s accounts. Among them was a video that the attackers uploaded on YouTube. The Apple representative asked me to remove the video and noted that the company is in any case not reward criminals for breaking the law.

In response, the hackers threaten to delete multiple accounts and remotely reset several smartphones iPhone if their demands are not met by April 7.

Additionally, the source notes that hackers are inconsistent in their statements, as once said about 559 million hacked accounts.



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