A flexible material for producing heart rate sensors that can be woven into conventional fabric and wash with it

The new material created by Swiss researchers, turns the sensors of the heart rate (heart rate) into a kind of embroidery used to decorate clothing. Flexible sensors are unnoticeable when worn and does not cause discomfort, and the garments can be washed as usual.

In fact, fiber sensors consist of two polymeric materials with different properties. One fiber is used, and the other is a flexible protective coating. Fiber formed from the melt. This technology is characterized by high efficiency in mass production.

To measure one of the fibers serves the light, and on the other — read reflected. Analyzing the reflection, it is possible to determine heart rate with the same accuracy as with classical medical sensor in the form of a clip on your finger.

While limited to measuring heart rate, but the program of the project envisages the creation of sensors to determine the oxygen levels and pressure in the tissues.

Source: Popular Science


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