A few years ago Apple deliberately violated the work ON FaceTime in iOS 6 to force users to upgrade to the new OS

Apple will again have to act as a defendant in court. In the case against VirnetX, in which the court took the side of the latter, obliging the copertina to pay $ 300 million, it was revealed internal documents from Apple, where was the information about the malicious actions of the company.

The point is that Apple deliberately made it impossible to work FOR FaceTime in iOS 6 and earlier versions of the operating system to force users to upgrade to iOS 7.

For the company at that time, it was not just a question of prestige or competition. The fact that at that time, FaceTime worked by two methods: using a connection peer-to-peer or a server of Akamai. Of course, in the second case, Apple was required to pay the mediator. In 2012, Apple was found guilty of patent infringement VirnetX, just concerning peer-to-peer that made the copertina completely switch to the Akamai servers. Accordingly, the amount of payments increased significantly. To rectify the situation could technology that laid in iOS 7. And to speed up the transition and save money, Apple went on a deliberate violation of the health FaceTime in older versions of iOS.



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