A few days Tim cook sold some Apple shares for $7.2 million

Recently, Apple shares rose to the highest level since 2015. Executive Director of Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook) probably decided to use the moment to sell 30 thousand shares of the company headed by him. Considering the average market value of the shares of $ 120, it received about $ 3.6 million.

Last week Tim cook sold the same amount of stock, thus for some days he received from the sale of Apple stock about 7.2 million dollars. At the moment he owns 979 809 shares of 117.6 million dollars.

In early January it became known that in 2016, Tim cook earned 8.7 million dollars, while a year earlier its earnings made up 10.28 million. Salary cook and other company executives has been reduced due to the deterioration of financial indicators Apple.



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