A family of single-chip system Ambarella S5L designed for cameras with support for 4K

The company Ambarella has unveiled single chip system families S5L and S5LM designed for IP cameras with support for 4K. S5L single-chip system designed for use in the professional camera segment. They support HDR, multithreaded broadcasting, a built-in correction of lens distortions, two video.

System on a chip S5LM is focused on camera home segment, including camera battery powered and videophones. They are equipped with one 16-bit DDR controller to reduce power consumption. In both cases, the basis of SoC is Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53.

Support encoding algorithms SmartHEVC (H. 265) and SmartAVC (H. 264) video allows you to 4Kp30 with a bitrate of 512 Kbps. When this power consumption does not exceed 1.5 watts. When working with Full HD video consumption reduced to 0.5 W. Single-chip system Ambarella S5L and S5LM designed to produce according to the norms of 14 nm.

Source: Ambarella


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