A Chinese court has sided with Apple in a dispute with a local company, who accused the manufacturer iPhone in copying the design

In June last year the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Baili, who accused Apple of copying the design, made the introduction of the ban on sales of smartphones Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. According to the Baili, the appearance of these machines was borrowed from the model 100S, hitting the market in April 2014. Apple filed an appeal.

This week it became known that the further consideration of the case was the lifting of the ban. In other words, a Beijing court on intellectual property matters sided with Apple in a dispute with a local company. More specifically, the court came to the conclusion that the decision to ban was made in violation of procedure, and whereas sufficient evidence that the design infringed intellectual property right, was not provided.

The representative of the Baili said that the company will consider the possibility of filing their own appeal.

At the same time, the court rejected Apple’s request to invalidate the patent Baili industrial design of the smartphone 100c.

Source: Reuters



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